Get Your Crypto Projects in Large Media With KISS PR  Press Release Distribution

KissPR’s blockchain PR specialists can help you get your story published in some of the most reputable media outlets.

Most comprehensive coverage for your new Product, Company Announcement, Token Launch, or IdentityEO/ICO?

Send your press release to major news and media outlets so that you can get the most coverage and brand awareness.

Some of the Top News Outlets That are Good for Crypto Blockchain News Are

  • Yahoo Finance
  • Bloomberg
  • Nasdaq
  • Street Insider
  • Yahoo money
  • Yahoo lifestyle
  • Yahoo News
  • Yahoo Uk
  • Yahoo CA
  • Yahoo Singapore
  • MarketWatch
  • Benzinga
  • AP News
  • Business Insider

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Content must merit  and be or high quality, and avoid: Following content is not allowed:

  • Promotional Content
  • It’s not a good idea to utilize a celebrity’s name in public relations.
  • Do not mention the names of other companies in your PR.
  • Cant use subjective adjectives and superlatives such as “the most” and “amazing” and “much better”, and generally make it less
  • Promotional/advertisement-like
  • Rewards, giveaways, etc.
  • General interest content

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We will not share any reports or modify our requirements.  you must become a member. First and follow our requirements.

About KISS PR’s Brand Story Blockchain PR Distribution and Marketing Services

KISS PR Brand Story is Texas’s leading marketing, storytelling, and crypto press release distribution platform that helps blockchain, crypto, NFT, and Defi companies promote their projects on the most prominent crypto or blockchain news sites. With more than 50,000+ stories published for clients all over the globe, KISS PR Brand Story is currently expanding their operations. Our focus is on building long-term relationships with our clients. We’re not interested in quick wins or one-off campaigns. Whether you need help with a crisis, product launch, or ongoing media relations, we want to be your go-to PR firm.

Before you Submit your crypto press release, please read the above guidelines.

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