100% White Label Press Distribution For SEO & PR Agencies

Experience the benefits of a seamless and unbranded distribution process for your press release. Contact us today to learn more about our white label services and how we can help you reach your target audience effectively. Our white label press release distribution service allows your press release to be distributed without any branding or mention of the distribution company. & More!


Suitable for SEO Agencies - PR Professionals - Marketing Agencies Who Want to Leverage Our Proven Ecosystem.

Trusted By More Than 128,000 Storytellers

  • 500+ Top Newswires

How White Label Ecosystem Works?

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If you “Qualify” you can become [First Class Member] for a fee and get access to:

  • Yahoo Finance
  • Bloomberg
  • Benzinga
  • Morningstar
  • The Globe and Mail
  • Barchart
  • AP News
  • Business Insider
  • Financial Post
  • Wall Street Journal
  • LA-Weekly
  • Forbes
  • Enterpreneur
  • Times Magazine
  • Haute Living

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Eligibility Requirements

Need More Clarification Contact Qamar Zaman for White Label via Skype: live:qamarzaman_6

KISS PR - White Label Ecosystem for First Class Members!

100% White Label Press Release Platform for SEO Agencies By SEO Experts

Developed by a team of seasoned SEO experts with over 2 decades of digital marketing expertise and tested by many SEO professionals around the world, who have seen the significant results.

KISS PR Story white label SEO platform is best designed for SEO professionals and PR agencies who can benefit from my 10 years of testing press releases to rank over 100+ websites on the 1st page of Google with “No Follow” backlinks.

Suitable for SEO Agencies | PR Professionals | Marketing Agencies Who Want to Leverge Our Proven System


KISS PR Story Has Features Best Desired by SEO Professionals, including

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My clients have ranked in many competitive niches from mesothelioma lawsuits to substance abuse counseling. My press release system is 100% Safe and drives organic traffic to your website and social signals. Your content will continue to be favored every year because I don’t really care about chasing Google. The simple truth that I learned from my mentor Eric Ward: if you have a good piece of content and it gets eyeballs, you will rank on Google!

Qamar Zaman



Frequently Asked Questions

What is kiss pr advantage?

KISS PR is a digital growth and SEO company, so we understand the challenge of each business owner across different industries. Most business owners don't care about SEO or page 1 rank on Google, but they do care if their phone is ringing with quality calls. Our founder started this SEO business 20 years ago, and our experience has earned us the status of Google Premium Partners. He is also a writer featured on Forbes, The Huffington Post, and many niche sites. We are all about brand storytelling and getting your business high exposure where the traffic is.

Do you Publish Crypto Related PR

YES. Read Reseller partners must be First Class Members for this facility. No exceptions.

Where are we located?

We are a Dallas, Texas-based company with corporate office in Richardson. Our team of writers are all based in the US.

Who writes the PR?

Content writing is not included. We do offer packages for this. If we write we also get higher visibility and guanteed inclusion.

Are there any long term contracts?


Does your Press Release have hyperlinks?

Yes. We allow 1 hyperlink per every 200 words.

What if I'm not happy with my results?

Since 2003, our clients have distributed over 28,000 stories through our platform. Results do not happen overnight and if you are rushed for overnight results this platform may not be for you. If you trust the process for 3-4 months, you will see a significant increase in traffic and conversion. Every story that you publish will help you reach new traffic, and it’s possible to see same day success when your story is done right. Many of our clients have received leads and converted on the same day, which is one of the best parts of Storytelling with Kiss PR. Once the content is published there are no refunds.

Can my story reach top news sites?

Yes, Once you become "First Class Member you get access to a large news and PR network. If you have the money, there is no limit!

Are there any SEO benefits to KISS PR SEO release?

Yes. When a newsworthy story leads users back to your website where people stay and has high-quality writing, Google will reward you.