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Privacy Policy

​Submit Press Release 123 is a press release submission and distribution portal of, and its direct affiliates. We respect your privacy online and seek to provide you with the safest experience in sharing, reviewing, and distributing information via our website (s). This “Privacy Policy” provides an explanation of how your information may be used if collected on our site (s). Utilization of our services means acceptance of our outlined privacy policy, and/or subsequent changes. Children under the age of 13 are not permitted to register or use our site, and information will not knowingly be collected or used by those who are under the age of 13.

Gathering Information

​Information gathered on or provided by users that may be subject to the practices outlined in our privacy policy may include that which is voluntary provided via registration, the posting of press releases and other content, payment processing, or collected from hardware or software of computers used by users or visitors to our site (s). Information may also be provided by third parties not owned or operated by us.

​Information gathered on our users is done so to enhance the experience of those who visit our site or utilize the services we provide, to contact clients, or for research or customization purposes. Personally identifiable information collected is used to render services directly requested by users, and is only obtained through voluntary submission. We do not sell or purposefully share personal information with third parties, unless requested by users, as warranted by law through subpoena or other legal requirement, necessary for the safety or protection of the public of users, or it is in the direct facilitation of business to render services for customers or clients. We cannot guarantee third parties will follow guidelines outlined in our Privacy Policy, therefore we recommend that you become familiar with the policies of any other sites you use. Violations of our privacy policies may be reported to us; and the appropriate action may be taken at our discretion.

Please be aware that:

​Content or information shared during registration or use of the Submit Press Release 123 site, may be accessed by representatives who are authorized to perform duties directly linked to operating the site or rendering services. Information made publicly available may not be associated with privacy settings. Removal or deletion of an account does not guarantee that copies of information distributed through the account or shared with others will no longer be viewable or accessible through other stored locations.

Security of Information:

​We take reasonable measures to ensure that your personal information is safeguarded by unauthorized use. Access is limited to personally identifiable information and payment processing and other personal information is submitted though a secure web server. Although every effort is made to secure information with effective protocols put into place, please be advised that no method is 100% full proof, and we cannot guarantee that information will only be viewed by those authorized to do so. Risks can be reduced by selection of strong passwords and user IDs, and maintaining effective anti-malware and virus protection on any computer you use.

Press Release Content Submissions

​Content submissions for press release distribution purposes may be deemed public information and shared with other sites, search engines, or online users, or made accessible by others. Sensitive materials should not be uploaded for distribution.

​Changes may be made to this policy or our terms of service, which may be posted here, and will be made viewable to users of our site.

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