Building Media Connections & Relationships with Journalists Takes a lot of Time and Effort.

KISS PR solves this problem.

You can become the industry leader, get tons of credibility and business without spending tons of time and money on social media and advertising?

Become an Influencer & Subject Matter Expert

KISS PR's "Become an Influencer" program is designed to streamline the journey of content creators towards becoming subject matter experts. By availing this program, we aid in the dissemination of your expertise to your intended audience through bylined news analysis and commentary. Our ultimate goal is to help you establish a credible presence as an influencer in your particular field and expand your outreach to a larger audience.

I. Introduction to PR Authority Ecosystem

  • Overview of KISS PR and its mission
  • Explanation of the PR Authority System and its purpose

II. Building Authority

  • Understanding the importance of authority and thought leadership in business
  • Identifying key target audiences and industry leaders
  • Developing a strategic plan for establishing authority and thought leadership

III. Utilizing Top-Tier Publications and Podcasts

  • Overview of the role of top-tier publications and podcasts in PR efforts
  • Best practices for securing placements in top-tier publications and podcasts
  • Tips for creating high-quality content for top-tier publications and podcasts

IV. Measuring Success

  • Linking PR campaigns to analytics and metrics
  • Understanding key performance indicators and how to track progress
  • Making data-driven decisions to continuously improve PR efforts

V. Resources and Tools

  • Overview of the resources and tools provided by KISS PR
  • Best practices for using the resources and tools effectively
  • Explanation of how the resources and tools can help businesses achieve their goals

VI. Conclusion

  • Recap of key takeaways from the course
  • Discussion of the benefits of the PR Authority System
  • Next steps for businesses looking to establish authority and thought leadership

This is a done-for-your program where we will take you on the journey of teaching you how to build Expertise, Authority Expertise. (E-A-T).

The Zoom-based 1-1 course will include lectures, group discussions, and hands-on exercises to provide students in this program with practical experience and the opportunity to apply what they have learned. The course is designed for business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketing professionals who are looking to increase their online visibility, authority, and brand recognition. Upon completion of the course, students will have a comprehensive understanding of the PR Authority System and how to use it to establish their authority and become thought leaders in their respective industries establish their authority and become thought leaders in their respective industries.

1-1 Coaching & DFY

Getting placements in Top Tier Media Websites such as Press Coverage and feature interviews.

Program Investment

Lifestyle News Possibilities

  • Yahoo Finance
  • Bloomberg
  • Benzinga
  • Morningstar
  • The Globe and Mail
  • Barchart
  • AP News
  • Business Insider
  • Financial Post
  • Wall Street Journal
  • LA-Weekly
  • Forbes
  • Enterpreneur
  • Times Magazine
  • Haute Living


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