How to Successfully Submit Your Press Release on AP News

How to Successfully Submit Your Press Release on AP News

So you’ve written the perfect press release—for now, at least. The next step in your company’s PR campaign is to get it distributed as widely as possible to make sure your message gets to all the news outlets and blogs that are likely to care about it. One of the best ways to get your press release published is by sending it to AP News via KISS PR. But how exactly do you go about submitting your press release on AP News? This guide will walk you through each step of the process and prepare you for success!

Decide What Type of Release You Want to Write

There are three types of press releases: product, non-personnel and personnel. Before you begin writing your release, it’s a good idea to decide what type of press release you’d like to write. This will help you keep your message consistent and focused. Read KISS PR guidelines for how to write a press release for AP News. 

Check the AP Submissions Page

There’s always a good chance that press releases that you send out may end up getting published in full or even in part. Make sure you follow all of their rules and then check regularly if they have posted your submission so you can claim it. This can do wonders for SEO and it will also help brand your business by showing people what you are working on.

Add Relevant Images and Videos

All content should be cross-linked with relevant, high-quality images and videos.

KISS PR has created an AI-based system that will help your SEO.  Because rich snippets can improve click-through rates by more than 50 percent according to KISS PR SEO Google research experts, your PR will do wonders if you follow the KISS PR ZZKIR a system developed by KISS PR.


KISS PR News Distribution Report

How can you submit your press release to Large Media Sites 

The first thing you’ll need to do is decide which news platform you’d like to send your press release to. When you use the KISS PR business branding press release distribution plan, you can also add large newswires such as Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Nasdaq, Financial Post, and New York Times to name a few large news sites.

Monitor Your Submission After It Has Been Sent Out

Once you’ve sent out your press release you will get a comprehensive press release distribution report to monitor your brand.

Benefits of Press Release Distribution for Reputation Management 

When you distribute a press release, you are essentially putting your news out there for the world to see. But more importantly, you are also opening up the opportunity for others to help spread the word about your business. And that can be extremely valuable for reputation management.

KISS PR Price and Plans

KISS PR offers a variety of business branding and advertising services to help businesses get noticed and grow. Prices vary depending on the services needed, but all plans are customized to fit each business’ individual budget and needs.

About KISS PR Press Release Distribution 

KISS PR is an expert at getting news coverage for your business. We have a vast network of contacts, both online and offline that we utilize in order to get your story published across thousands of websites, blogs, and media outlets. At KISS PR, we understand how important it is for you to get that first publication because it’s often what sets up future opportunities with journalists and influencers. That’s why we developed our news distribution service—to give your business a jumpstart.

KISS PR is a reputable and authorized press release distribution partner, with AP Newsroom published directly to AP News rather than a reseller.

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