KISS PR Guidelines for Sending your press release via KISS PR – 2024  Guidelines and Best Practices

Plan your press release content: Before writing your press release, consider what information you want to share with your audience and what the main message of your release is. Ensure that your content is relevant and newsworthy and follows the guidelines of AP style.

How to Submit your press release for Yahoo Finance Using KISS PR Press Release Distribution

 Submit your press release Using Yahoo Finance 

Provide release instructions:

Once you have your content planned, provide instructions to ensure that your release is formatted correctly and meets the guidelines of AP style. This may include instructions for capitalization, punctuation, and word usage.

Write your headline and subhead:

The headline of your press release should be attention-grabbing and accurately convey the main message of your release. The subhead should provide additional information and context. The source company name should be in the headline or subhead. 

Start your body:

The body of your press release should provide more detailed information and should be organized in a clear and easy-to-read format. Start with the most important information and must include source company in the first 25 words. 

Add a boilerplate:

A boilerplate is a brief summary of your company or organization, including its mission and background. This should be included at the end of your press release.

Include contact information:

Make sure to include the contact information of a representative from your company or organization who can answer questions or provide additional information.


Determine to who you want to send your release Identify the media outlets, journalists, and influencers who are most likely to be interested in your release.

Distribution of your press release:

Once your release is submitted and approved, KISS PR will distribute it to the media outlets, journalists, and influencers you have identified. We will also  post it on KISS PR website and social media channels. You are recommended to also add the releases on your website and put a link from your website to the story you submit to us for verification. 

KISS PR Requirements for Yahoo News and Yahoo Finance Press Release

Acceptable press release topics include company and product announcements, trade show and event announcements, conference releases, partnership releases, and awards. Releases can also be issued by individuals announcing something newsworthy.

Unacceptable press release topics include cryptocurrency/investment opinion, gambling, product reviews, releases commenting on another company with no relevancy, investment opinion content, gambling, adult content, advertising competing services, and Op-Ed/bylines.

KISS PR Press Release News Editorial Guidelines is a publication that focuses on distributing quality news stories relevant to the business community and the general public. The editorial team may refuse to distribute a press release if it has a poor headline, is deemed as an advertisement or spam, lacks sufficient newsworthiness, has poor writing quality, has incomplete or insufficient contact information, has keyword spamming, contains prohibited content, personal opinions, blog posts, defamatory and intent to harm, sexually explicit content, health supplements or drugs for sexual enhancement, get rich or network marketing schemes, unauthorized use of another issuer’s ticker symbol, unsubstantiated claims, inappropriate associations, unapproved home testing kits and inappropriate use of official government affiliation.

The KISS PR team holds the prerogative to affirm, reject, or eliminate any published materials without prior notice if it considers them unacceptable for publication. Its decisions concerning any issue will be definite and irrevocable.

It is important to note that when utilizing our SEO services and news pickups and indexing, we cannot provide any guarantees in regard to traffic, click-thru rates, SEO gains, do-follow links or any other benefits. As individual publishers within the network may integrate press releases in varying ways, results may vary per publisher and we have no control over the formatting of the PR. Additionally, it is important to understand that as we are unable to control the performance of the PR and the potential results, we cannot provide any refunds in any circumstances. Furthermore, it is imperative to maintain a professional demeanor with our staff at all times, as any instances of rudeness or threats will result in the termination or suspension of the account.


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