Qamar Zaman

January 30, 2023

Best Press Release Writing Rules for Top Press Release Distribution A Comprehensive Guide

10 Midas Rules – A Visual Guide to the Golden Rules of Writing Press Releases for Effective Distribution  “Press releases are an effective tool to reach out to journalists, bloggers and potential customers and get your company’s message across. But in order […]
June 17, 2022

KISS PR Launches Best Brand Story Awards

Dallas, TX, June 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dallas-based International Digital Marketing and Storytelling Firm, KISS PR Brand Story, Announces Launching its Best Brand Story Awards. This weekly endeavor aims to recognize businesses from various industries that produce cutting-edge content backed by […]
March 10, 2022

Qamar Zaman OF KISS PR Helps Crypto Companies Tell Stories About Blockchain Projects By Using Press Releases 

American technologist turned entrepreneur and marketer Qamar Zaman aims to bring Fintech, Crypto, Defi, and NFT content into the mainstream by offering news distribution, brand storytelling, and strategic social media services to blockchain companies. Qamar Zaman, founder of KISS PR  Press Release […]
February 20, 2022

Brian Searcy Explains How Situational Awareness Affects Safety – Subject Matter Experts Podcast

The mission behind Paratus Group At the Paratus Group, Searcy and his team focus on teaching situational awareness with regard to safety in crisis situations. “We’re trying to empower the ability to learn situational awareness to prevent bad things from happening,” Searcy […]
February 5, 2022

CEO of Livio Building Systems Navneet Aron – Bringing Efficiency to the Construction Industry

Navneet Aron, the founder and CEO of Livio Building Systems, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Startup Garage Podcast by Adam Torres. Apply to be a guest on our podcast here In this interview, Navneet talks about his experience as a General […]
February 4, 2022

Tiktoker Mark Salerno enumerates the three mistakes when buying a home. – Subject Matter Experts Podcast

Purchasing a house is a life-changing decision that can affect not just your financial situation but your lifestyle as well. You must know what you should do and those you should avoid. Tiktok influencer and real estate advisor, Mark Salerno, shared the […]
February 4, 2022

How to Find a Child Custody Lawyer in Garland TX – Subject Matter Experts Podcast

Working out a parenting plan can be difficult, especially if there is animosity between the parents. To help you navigate the process, you can find a child custody lawyer in Garland, TX through FindLaw’s directory. The Child Custody and profiles of local […]
February 4, 2022

This Real Estate Investor Wilsony Georges Is Using Instagram to Teach Real Estate and Finance – Subject Matter Experts Podcast

It’s always important to note that real estate is no walk in the park. Real estate is an immense activity to partake in. Furthermore, it isn’t for the faint of heart. Being able to excel in real estate requires patience, hard work, […]
February 4, 2022

PHD Hair Replacement Dallas Provides a Complete Guide to Hair Replacement and How It Can Help You Regain Your Confidence – Subject Matter Experts Podcast

Hair loss can be caused by a number of factors, including genetics, age, medical conditions, medications, scalp disorders and lifestyle choices. Some people are more likely to experience hair loss than others. Listen to the story Why Should You Consider a Hair […]