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​KissPR is a leading Dallas-based cutting edge digital disruption company that was founded in 2003 by Qamar Zaman in Grand Cayman of the Cayman Islands and started as an idea on a napkin in his local coffee shop Cafe Del Sol in Grand Cayman.

​After 18 months, Hurricane Ivan destroyed the Cayman Islands on September 12, 2004. Qamar barely lived through the destructive hurricane that obliterated the island. Unable to stay in Grand Cayman while the Islands were rebuilding, Qamar relocated to Dallas, TX leaving behind losses and a heavy heart. Now in Dallas, Qamar began to tell his story of struggle and how he survived the Category 6 hurricane — surrounded by tornados and stuck in a home that was drowning in the ocean — to his new friends in Texas. He was soon being asked to tell his survival story anywhere he went. As he told people, he realized that his story was starting to resonate with people and this is when Zaman realized his truest passion: storytelling.

​After surviving the near-death experience in Grand Cayman, Zaman decided to begin his new storytelling journey from a small, windowless office in Addison, TX a suburb of Dallas, TX. That little company has now become KissPR. Fast forward 18 years, we are still telling stories. Stories of struggles, success, and achievements, except we are not the heroes of these stories, our clients and customers are. These stories have transformed personal and business brands around the world by telling their stories through storytelling. KissPR has now told over 28,000 stories and counting and continues helping small businesses dreams become reality.

​KissPR CEO and our team of storytellers have partnered to create a new kind of platform Brand Stories www.BrandStories.Buzz and partnered with some of the top news, pr, and social story distributions to help amplify and grow small brands.

Over 500 Top News Distribution Websites

​Qamar Zaman spent several years perfecting relationships with top influencers in the area of legal, business, health sciences and technology and works with elite law firms and business entities to lead them to exponential gains.

​KissPR continues to provide clients with a growing list of benefits that help them save time and money as a guide and digital transformation consultant.

Qamar Zaman


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Zaman ventured from software development in the Guernsey Channel Islands to digital marketing in the Cayman Islands in 1995.

​ He initially worked with the Cayman’s banking industry technology, department of Cayman Islands Customs and Immigration, The Cayman Islands Department of Economics and Statistics, and variou businesses. Zaman was also an adjunct Associate Professor for The International College of the Cayman Islands directly appointed by the Founder Dr. Elsa Cummings for his excellent achievements in the field of Economics, Risk, and IT.

​After several years of successfully completing projects, Zaman decided to start his own business and build his own brand.

​After this first diffident step, things started speeding up, and Zaman’s digital disruption company was launched in Grand Cayman of the Cayman Islands in 2003.

​On September 12, 2004, Hurricane Ivan, a Category 5 deadly hurricane descended on Cayman Islands and within hours, the good life of Cayman Islands was a trampled dream of yesterday and Zaman eventually relocated to Dallas, Texas.

​ As a natural storyteller, he relived the harrowing tales and discovered his greatest gift - storytelling. Thus began KISS PR Brand Story, a revolutionary platform for storytelling. For over 18 years, Zaman focused on offering cost-effective storytelling services for social media and public relations. KISS PR has become the preferred choice of global small businesses. With over 50k+ stories already told.