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Number of Press Releases 1 12 (PR's)
Time Period to Use Your Release (From Date of Purchase) 365 days 365 days
Price per Press Release (Everyday low price) $39 $25
Number of Press Releases 1 12
You Save % Today 60% 73%
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Yahoo Finance (Member Only Addon) (Addon)
Benzinga (Member Only Addon) (Addon)
Business Insider (Member Only Addon) (Addon)
Barchart (Member Only Addon) (Addon)
Morningstar (Member Only Addon) (Addon)
The Globe and Mail (Member Only Addon) (Addon)
Canadian Insider (Member Only Addon) (Addon)
Street Insider (Member Only Addon) (Addon)
Bloomberg (Member Only Addon) (Addon)
Nasdaq (Member Only Addon) (Addon)
Financial Post (Member Only Addon) (Addon)
Wallstreet (Member Only Addon) (Addon)
Toronto Sun (Member Only Addon) (Addon)
1000 Premium Newswires (Member Only Addon) (Addon)
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Word Limit 1000 2,000
Number of Keyword Anchor Text Links per Release 3 6
Number of Keyword Anchor Text Links per Release 3 6
Number of Embedded Images 2 6
Number of Embedded Videos 1 1
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*As a member of the KISS PR ecosystem, you get access to premium news outlets to establish your organization as a reliable source while gaining connections and exposure via our growing network of distribution ecosystems. As a verified member, you'll be able to publish on the KISS PR ecosystem (network of premium news partners), making your brand stand out as a strong voice in your field.

To become a member, you have to do three (3) things:

  1. Account Verification (Explained on a Zoom Call)
  2. Zoom Call to discuss guidelines.
  3. Understand the Ecosystem / fees/price of publications.
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Global Distribution Options


Our news distribution services reach brokers, financial databases, aggregators, news providers, and more to deliver news to investors, analysts, and institutions worldwide.


Circulation tailored to the needs of an industry


Cover publications, web sites, blogs and influencers specific to your industry.


Multimedia Capability


Make your story leap out with pictures, graphics, charts and even video.


Social Media


Reach key influencers


IR Website Posting


Integrate RSS feeds to automatically populate the news section of your corporate website.