Podcast: Subject Matter Experts

March 10, 2022

Elevating Large Volume Cryptocurrency Services with VirgoCX Wealth – KISS PR Podcast

VirgoCX, Canada’s top regulated cryptocurrency trading platform, has announced that it is rebranding its full-service over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk to VirgoCX Wealth. The company believes that the creation of the Wealth brand for the OTC platform will better showcase the ideals and […]
March 8, 2022

DRG is getting ready for next big leap in the crypto market – KISS PR Podcast

A new token veiled in crypto market called $DRG, hardcap filled quickly on Pinksale, afterwards launched on Poocoin platform. $DRG belongs to Dog Rider project and will be implant on a video game with same title. The game will be present to […]
March 8, 2022

Unprecedented oil sands alliance offers sustainable solution for North American energy security – KISS PR Podcast

Unprecedented oil sands alliance offers sustainable solution for North American energy security Canada's major oil sands producers are working together on a first-of-its-kind net zero initiative that could help ensure long-term, secure supplies of affordable and responsible energy for North America. Together, […]
March 8, 2022

The Risks and Rewards of Stablecoin Investing – KISS PR Podcast

Here at Castle, we have received questions from investors lately about investing in so-called “stablecoins,” such as USD Coin (“USDC”), Tether (“USDT”), and Dai (“DAI”). Generally, these virtual currencies seek to maintain a value of approximately $1.00 USD. The mechanisms for maintaining […]
March 6, 2022

Air Filtration Tip for New York Schools from Syracuse Air Filter Experts at Camfil USA NY – KISS PR Podcast

Camfil Air Filters New York is urging all parents in the state of New York to make sure that their children's schools are not only safe from the common dangers of COVID-19 but also have high-quality indoor air. With a nationwide "COVID-19" […]
March 5, 2022

Blockchain Press Release Distribution for Reaching Large Crypto Target Audience – KISS PR Podcast

"Cryptocurrency companies and startups have a short time to launch new initiatives. Providing timely news coverage is critical for generating new sales leads. Many firms, in order to maintain quick engagement with their audiences, utilize high-quality press release distribution services." Denis Serikov, […]
February 20, 2022

Camfil Clean Air Experts Break Down Air Pollution Effects on Every Part of the Human Body –

Air pollution is a global public health risk, with major organizations including the EPA, CDC, and WHO working towards mitigating the harmful effects of air pollution. Concerns about air pollution-related deaths were raised at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), […]
February 20, 2022

How to Make Your Hair Replacement System Look Natural — 5 Tips from Folicure Hair Replacement Experts –

A hair replacement system is a non-surgical method of restoring your hair to what it used to be. With the right choice of hair replacement, you can boost your confidence and restore your hairline and thickness to that of your youth. In […]
February 20, 2022

NFM Lending Promotes Andy Beigel –

 NFM Lending, a Top 25 national mortgage lender proudly announces the promotion of Andy Beigel to Branch Manager. Beigel’s office will be located at One Easton Oval, Suite 500 in Columbus, OH. “We are ecstatic to build our branch with NFM Lending […]