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November 21, 2022

ReadyReturns Gives Employers Reliable Equipment Returns & Management Solution in Wake of Unprecedented Layoffs – KISS PR Podcast

Phoenix, Arizona — New demands for ReadyReturns equipment returns software are skyrocketing. This popular offboarding tool makes it easy for employees to return company-owned equipment by streamlining the process. The employee receives a QR code via their smartphone and simply drops off […]



May 18, 2022

The Tile Hub Belktile Reported the Rising Cost of Tile across the US in 2022 – KISS PR Podcast

The COVID-19 pandemic had a colossal impact on almost everything, from the wholesale market to the retail market and much more. The global price for almost everything has increased, from staple food to raw materials for construction. And the tile is no […]
May 17, 2022

Mario Infinity World Meta-Universe GameFi Product, Game Makes Money! – KISS PR Podcast

Founded on March 30, 2020, Superman Capital Fund was certified by ACRA, Singapore's accounting and corporate regulator, to build Mario Infinity World's world-class blockchain meta-universe development platform. Committed to building the world's top Mario Infinity World aggregation ecology, it aims to give […]
May 17, 2022

Camfil is Committed to Air Quality for a Better Future. New Web Resource Now Available. – KISS PR Podcast

In the past nearly 60 years, the mission has been to deliver solutions for indoor air quality to protect people, processes and the environment. The COVID-19 pandemic ongoing in 2021, highlighted the importance of indoor air quality (IAQ) especially in protecting people. […]
May 17, 2022

Truflation Pioneers Censorship- Resistant Economic Data – KISS PR Podcast

Truflation has successfully closed its first private token sale, securing the funding required to accelerate its mission to systematize, standardize, decentralize, and democratize the reporting of all financial and economic data, as an on-chain Data DAO. Truflation’s seed round includes investments from […]
May 17, 2022

Rubix Partners with Assets International to Promote Application Development and User Adoption on the Rubix Network – KISS PR Podcast

As part of its network buildout and project expansion, Rubix has entered into a partnership with Assets International to stimulate application development on the Rubix Proofchain and promote both institutional and private adoption of the Rubix network in a multitude of industry […]
May 12, 2022

Nakamoto Games ($NAKA) Goes Multichain – KISS PR Podcast

 Nakamoto Games, the pioneering play-to-earn gaming ecosystem, has announced that access to the $NAKA token, which powers the Nakamoto Games platform, will be unlocked on the BNB Chain. This is the first part of a long-term strategy to release $NAKA on multiple […]
May 11, 2022

Matthew Iovane Discusses the Thriving Drink Industry Post-Pandemic – KISS PR Podcast

Matthew Iovane Discusses the Thriving Drink Industry Post-Pandemic Outlook for Healthy Beverages is Bright, Matthew Iovane Says The healthy beverages sector is set for a sustained boom in the US and UK, angel investor Matthew Iovane says. Consumers are returning to their […]
May 11, 2022

Brainwashing! The hot bgm of Tiktok came from VOOPOO! – KISS PR Podcast

Recently, a song called "Spark your life" spread on Tiktok, and many celebrities used the music as a video background to show their colorful lifestyle, and the whole network set off a wave of singing. It is understood that this music is […]
May 11, 2022

Confidential Recovery Attends Round Table about Veterans’ Wellbeing in San Diego – KISS PR Podcast

Staff members from Confidential Recovery recently participated in a meeting about issues facing our nation’s Veterans with Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough and Congressman Mike Levin. Both the Secretary and the Congressman consider the services offered to Veterans in San Diego to […]
May 8, 2022

NYC E-Bike Injury Attorneys Create Web Resource On What New York City Law Says About E-Bikes? – KISS PR Podcast

“Post Covid-19, E-bikes and e-scooters are becoming increasingly popular across New York City as individuals and lawmakers move away from automobile traffic and towards more sustainable forms of transportation.” Robin Herman NYC-based e-bike injury lawyer. To keep the New Yorkers up to […]
May 5, 2022

Dallas Real Estate Expert Evan Downey Releases Step-by-step Guide to Buying a House in 2022 Competitive Seller’s Market – KISS PR Podcast

Buying A Home Process Step By Step | Buying A House Process The combined effects of an increasingly remote workforce and tech industry leaders moving base to Texas has made the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex one of the hottest real estate markets in […]
May 3, 2022

Camfil is part of the Healthy Indoors Alliance Initiative. – KISS PR Podcast

Camfil is part of the initiative, Healthy Indoors Alliance to improve the healthfulness, productivity and comfort of the people in commercial, public and residential buildings. The four companies that have teamed up for this are Camfil, Condair, Fagerhult and Swegon. Read the […]